Punch City Fighters Update - v1.01


Josie and I played the game last night. She said the game is too slow, too complicated and there's too much randomness (which is actually a main reason for the slowness). Someone on the Board Game Geek forums called it akin to a "tax audit". They're all right.

I went and made some changes to streamline the experience and to require less components.

Damage: Instead of five health bars corresponding to five Fighting Dice, there is now only one health bar. As the Damage Counter moves down the health bar, it will periodically knock out Fighting Dice along the way. This provides a lot of options for character creation in terms of the rate of how Fighting Dice are lost, how many can be lost before defeating an opponent and making it less based on luck for matching.

Dice Change: The dice now have these faces: blank, block, hit and double hit. No more need to match kicks and punches and all that other jazz.

Super Moves and Spirit Counter: I took a page out of Street Fighter and Red Dragon Inn. Instead of having a different Spirit Bar to charge up for a Super Move, I have a Spirit Counter that starts at the bottom of the health bar. As it charges up, you just move the Spirit Counter up the health bar. If the Spirit Counter ever meets or passes the Damage Counter, you then have enough to do the Super Move.

This is more like a fighting game, which is what I wanted, since you typically gain Spirit during the match from doing attacks or getting hit by attacks. In the latter example, as you get hit and lose health, you're essentially closer to being able to do the Super Move.

I've updated the rules and hopefully this plays faster. I wonder if I can get Josie to test it out again tonight.