Custom Dice Are Expensive... Maybe I have an Alternative!

So these aren't the dice for my game Punch City Fighters. They are, however, pictures of the type of dice I would like to have made for the game through the funding of a future Kickstarter project. I was all gung-ho for this idea until I read this article from Daniel Solis, indie game designer extraordinaire. He talks about how getting custom dice (especially if you require multiple custom dice) gets increasingly cost prohibitive when trying to actually get a Kickstarter project successfully funded. He's had experience with his Writer's Dice project, so I trust his judgement.

So my dreams for this project are somewhat postponed. An idea did, however, come into my brain and lay some invasive eggs, which immediately hatched thereafter. What if I created an iOS app that handled the dice portion of the game? It wouldn't be resource heavy and it wouldn't be too hard to make. I would also be able to focus on the cards manufacturing portion of the game, which is much cheaper to get made. Also, since I still do the Flash to iOS export, I could offer the dice roller as a Flash app for folks who don't have iDevices. If I get Game Maker HTML5 working, maybe I can simply make an HTML5 version so you just need a web browser to get it to work!

It could happen and it'd be one of the first of its kind... barring the very polished Arkham Horror Toolkit app.