Instant Message spam.

I haven't gotten IM spam in a long time.

9:59:43 AM hi!
10:00:40 AM Me: Hello.
10:00:50 AM hey whats up? 23 femaIe here. you?
10:01:12 AM Me: I'm doing well, thanks for asking.
10:01:22 AM hmmm. have we chatted before?
10:01:26 AM Me: I do not believe so, no.
10:01:36 AM oh ok. i wasnt sure. anyways.... what's up?
10:01:57 AM Me: Just a lot of work, I suppose.
10:02:08 AM im Iike so borededddd.... theres nothinggggggg to do
10:02:24 AM ohhh wait! i have a GREAT idea. have you ever watched a hot girI Iike me strip Iive on a webcam before?
10:02:54 AM Me: That sounds like something bored people do. I currently am not bored.
10:03:04 AM weIIII.... you couId watch me iffff you want to?
10:03:18 AM Me: No thanks, but I appreciate the offer.
10:03:35 AM yeah? ok weII my cam is setup on this website so that i can not be recorded so you wiII have to signup there.
10:03:45 AM dont worry. it onIy takes a minute and it is free. ok?
10:04:12 AM Me: No thanks. I spend most of my free time reading newspapers and building ships in bottles.
10:04:27 AM Me: Sometimes reading newspapers in bottles.
10:04:29 AM [web link] go there then up at the top of the page cIick on the goId JOIN FREE button.
10:04:33 AM k?
10:04:59 AM aIso it wiII ask for a credit card during signup but thats how they keep kids out. it wiII not charge the card. ok?
10:05:40 AM Me: I only use money orders, so I will not be able to look at your newspaper site.
10:05:55 AM k babe weII hurry up and when u get Iogged in the view my cam so we can get this show started.
10:06:12 AM and i do have some toys but you wiII have to take me in private or tip me some goId to see those.
10:06:12 AM Me: Are those toys model ships?
10:06:24 AM Iets taIk on that site babe. my messenger is messing up here.
10:07:01 AM Me: I use a 2400baud modem, so it will be difficult to go to a site unless it is a BBS.
10:07:04 AM Me: Is it a BBS?
10:10:33 AM Me: I've sunk your Battleship.