52 WOGD Week 8: Tower Chuck


Here is Week 8 of 52 for 52 Weeks of Game Development. I decided to do another tabletop game. This one is a board game that was inspired by games like Castle Panic and tower defense games. It's also a single player game. I have a feeling I've been interested in these single player board game experiences because my wife loves solitaire on her iPad and I see her play it often while we're watching movies/shows on the couch. It is interesting, however, to think about the nature of board games and the inherent social aspect in them, which becomes nullified in single player experiences. Why not just go play a single player video game, right? Hm. A point worth discussing at another time.

This is the standard layout for the game. You're essentially defending your tower from monsters like a tower defense game, but your ammunitions are the stones that actually make up your tower. So as monsters cross the tower spot and damage your tower, decking your play deck, so is throwing rocks at the monsters.

I had fun working on this one this week. I wanted to see if I could make a game that utilizes some kind of game mechanic that automates the game's enemy movements. I also wanted to do something where the stats for enemies were randomized without the use of dice, thus creating a structured random experience.

Anyhow, thanks for checking it out!