"I Think Traffic Is Killing Me" Game Cards

I had a sample deck made over at The Game Crafter. It reminds me of the first time I decided to have one of my comics made into an actual physical comic book. There's something about having it realized as a physical product that sends a pulsating thrill through the spine.

Here is a photo of the game partway through. You'll see on the left is the pile where I'm keeping score. The cutoff pile on the right is the discard pile. My car is currently in the right lane.

After playing it some more, I realize that there is a lot of card handling. It reminds me of solitaire in real life and how cumbersome the manipulation of the cards can be. This is probably why playing a digital version of it is so appealing: you don't have to deal with setup. In retrospect, this game will probably be a much better digital card game like my iOS digital card game Sheep.

I'll put it on the back-burner for future development!