52 WOGD Week 9: Kyoob


Here is Week 9 of 52 for 52 Weeks of Game Development. I wanted to work on a dice game that was actually based on skill. I don't mean skill as in there's some strategy in determining the statistics of dice rolling, like in Yahtzee, but actual skill. All the available moves are always front facing to the player (they just have to keep track) and the only random element is how your opponent moves.

The premise of the game is that you have two dice on two home squares and you're trying to get them to your opponent's home squares. Your opponent is trying to do the same. The way you move is what is listed on the top of the dice. So if a one spot is showing, the next time that die moves it can only move one spot. When you move the dice, you also roll it, which means the top facing side will change as you roll around on the board. There's also one special type of movement that lets you transfer movement points to another die, so you can boost a die if you'd like.

Thanks for your time! See you next week.

I've made a few photo references explaining how movement works: