Steel Fleet Warfare: Prototype Bases Ready for Cutting

Just got an update in my reader about the status of the custom bases (prototypes) to be cut with Ponoko (must like Shapeways). This shall be very exciting! As soon as the six bases come in and I play with them some, I'll either be able to use them as references for future production with a big manufacturing company or cast and mold using these as the master copies.

In other news, I've received this question a few times and I think it's a good one to ask!

Are the custom bases included in the electronic PDF?
Absolutely. In addition to the rules and cards (which will be 2.5x3.5), the custom bases with proper markings will be in the PDF. I will also include the AI file for the base for those who have access to a laser cutter!

Just a few days in and I'm 13% funded! Not bad! Hopefully it will pick up soon. I will be playing a game this Saturday with a friend in a standard 10 point battle. I'll put up pictures and a play-by-play soon after that.

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