Steel Fleet Warfare: 3D Base Mockup

Steel Fleet Warfare - 3D Base
Through some strange stroke of luck of contacting one ex-Fantasy Flight employee from some off-shoot internet list about game manufacturing parts and then pointing me to an associate of his, I was introduced to a person who is freaking amazing and the perfect fit for what this game needs in the base department!

Here is a 3D model of what the base will look like. While I still do have a batch of six prototype bases being made on Ponoko (which seems to have stalled production for some reason), this 3D model allows for much more detail. They came up with the idea of using the raised portions for the turning triangles, which I think is genius. Why engrave the turning radius AND the center strip when you can just raise the one piece (turning radius triangles) to visually AND physically separate everything into their proper components.

The answer is you don't. You do it this way.

I'm extremely fortunate to have met this person and look forward to getting these pieces made.

Kickstarter Project Link: Steel Fleet Warfare (ends May 18th, 2012)