Sundown Showdown: New Shen Games Card Game

Here is a picture of the cards for my new card game Sundown Showdown! It's a real-time gunslinger game where players test their speed in card flipping and matching. The game plays quite simply: each player shuffles and places their bullet cards face down in front of them, side by side. Each player then rolls a die at the same time. Your goal is to match one of your bullet cards (numbered 1 through 6) with the die of your opponent to score the shot. Each card can only be flipped over one at a time and with one hand only.

Some thoughts about how the die are to be rolled have crossed my mind, like maybe each player rolls from a cup and lifts the cup up at the same time. I'd hate to play with someone who deliberately rolled their die really far to the side and obscured from view. An additional thought would be revealing a bullet card that matched your own die: you would be able to pull your own die back and hide. You miss the opportunity to shoot your opponent, but you do guarantee to live to shoot another round.

There's also a 3 and 4 player variation where you end up shooting multiple gunslingers. As soon as you match a card of yours to a die of an opponent, you have to grab that opponent's die. As soon as that happens, other players may continue to match and shoot or take their own die back to avoid being shot.

Anyhow, I'd like to get some folks to help me film a gameplay session.