The Bullet Deck (updating Sundown Showdown)

So when I first designed Sundown Showdown, I wanted to build a game that was fast like the card game Spoons and something that anyone could pick up and play quickly. I realized, however, that the deck's abstraction is, well, so abstracted that there are many variations that could make games just as fun as the original concept. Because of that, I've decided that the Bullet Deck as is is a much better choice for gaming than the two rule sets I have established for Sundown Showdown.

I've decided to list the different game ideas here. I would love to hear more ideas on how you'd approach using this deck of cards.

What You Need: A Bullet Deck (4x colors numbered 1-6). If you don't have a Bullet Deck, a standard deck of cards from Ace through 6 in all four suits works just as well. You'll also probably want some six-sided dice.

Each player places their bullet deck (one color, six cards) face down side by side in front of them. Each player then puts a die in a cup a la Yahtzee (this rule has been updated since I originally designed the game), shakes and places the cup down in the center equidistant to all players. A player is decided to yell "DRAW!". When this happens, the dice are revealed and each player is then tasked to flip over their bullet cards, one at a time with one hand only. Once a bullet card matching that of the opponent's die is flipped, you can grab your opponent's die and score a hit. First to 3 hits loses.

The game is played exactly like the 2-GUNSLINGERS DUEL, except more players are playing. The main difference is when the first gunslinger is shot, other players may start to flip cards for their own die. If a gunslinger has been shot and a player flips over a bullet card matching their own die, they may grab their own die to flee the round. This stops that player from scoring any shots, but will protect them from being shot at as well. Once 2 players are left, the 2-GUNSLINGERS DUEL rules come into effect. Last one standing is the winner.

Each player chooses a bullet card and places it face down. Once all players have chosen a card, a die is rolled by a player (now called the Shooter). Once the die has stopped rolling, each gunslinger flips over their card. The die is compared to each player's bullet card starting with the Shooter. If the die and card match, that player is out. Last one standing is the winner.

There are many more variations to this game. What are some of yours?

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