Mister Goh #347 - Through the Desert

I really enjoy the board game Through the Desert. I had purchased it while looking for a game like Ticket To Ride, a game both my wife and I enjoy. The game plays similarly in that you lay down your pieces (camels, in this case) to try to claim 1) the longest camel chain, 2) get camels to watering holes for points and 3) get camels to oases (that's the plural of "oasis"!) for even more points. The difference between this game and Ticket To Ride is that you don't need to draw cards to lay down pieces, but simply choose one of the five colors you control and place two camels. It takes away the luck component of the draw and focuses on path building.

It's a game that only takes one game to learn and is quite fun with anywhere from 2 players to 5 players.

The comic here illustrates my first gameplay experience with a friend of mine. We were playing on the smaller, limited, 2-player setup and I simply did not grasp the full understanding of spreading your camels out across the desert. Because of that, I didn't put any of my camels on one half of the board nor did I pay attention to that side of the board. Within a few turns, my friend had placed a line of his camels across half the board and essentially captured the land for 15+ points. Absolutely hilarious, no?

To this day I curse his name.

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