May 9th, 2012: What I'm Currently Working On

This image idea is courtesy of my wife, Josie!

I realize that sometimes I take on or work on multiple projects at once, but I've never gone through the effort to catalog the works to actually see if I'm doing just the right amount or taking on too much. Frankly, for my personality type, I have difficulty only focusing on one thing at a time. The mind's a racing and I gots to be running.

So, things I'm working on:
  • Spar: The Card Game: A trick-based card game involving fighting and face punching. Friend and professional Kelly Perry is doing the art. All the rules are actually written, so I'm just waiting on card art. Status: Very Active
  • Steel Fleet Warfare: Got the prototype bases in and have most of the base weapons, armor, items, and whatnot written down. Just need to figure out some time for testing. Status: Very Active
  • Hero's Song: An interesting solo card game for the BoardGameGeek solitaire contest for 2012. The interesting part lies in the cards that you play. As quests are completed and monsters slain, the flavor text provided lays out a song much akin to the bard songs from fantasy novels. Status: Very Active
  • Sundown Showdown: This is a card game that was inspired by quick-reflex card games like Speed, Spoons or Slap Jack. Wanted to do something super quick that anyone could just play. I also wanted a good party, laughter game, where the anxiety attached to winning would cause much joy (like Pit). Status: Very Active / Off to the Printers!
  • Harvest Square: This is a harvesting card game that I worked on for Josie because she likes to garden. I actually have cards printed out for this one and played it a few times. There's still more to do. Status: Back Burner
  • Camping Game: Another game I created for multiple players and themed around something Josie enjoys: camping. It has players choosing activities during a camping trip and trying to do as many activities as possible within the 72 hours. It's gone through two revisions and I think I've settled on something that I like. Time to write out the rules. Status: Back Burner
  • Mister Goh: Still updating Mister Goh now and then. Trying to keep it at least once a week. Been playing with the idea of doing strips based on tabletop games (there don't seem to be too many saturating the market), but not sure if I should simply add it in the Mister Goh rotation or start a new one. Probably going to avoid doing a whole new one. Status: Active
  • Copy Cat: Still working on this full featured comic. It's just taking some time as all full comes I do... do. Ha. Doo doo. Status: Active