Spar - Play Test Results

Played a few rounds last night and quickly realized a few things. Some rule changes are required!
  • Game starts with 7 cards, no mulligan replacements needed or allowed.
  • Once you pass, you're done. Your opponent then gets one more card play.
  • Once per round, as your turn, you may discard any # of cards and draw that many.
  • Successful Blocks allow you to draw a card from the deck. Successful Throws force an opponent to discard a card from their hand.

There was also a comment that the attack cards don't feel like attacks since you're just placing them in front of you. "It doesn't feel like a fight." Suggestions included renaming the numbered cards as attack names like jab, uppercut or mule kick. Another idea was to simply play attack cards in front of the opponent to simulate doing damage to them.

My main concern with the game at this point is the lack of balance once someone goes on a good run of attacks. If someone pulls ahead to an early lead, there's not much you can do to catch up. For example is someone successfully gets to 4+ than you, they can simply pass since you won't be able to beat their total (the highest value is 3). Then again, that's sometimes how "take that" games work. I may just have to accept it?