TBD Tabletop RPG: Character Card and Game Name

Above you see what a normal character (player or monster) card looks like in my upcoming game system. It's even done in my "lovely" marker style!

The card contains the appropriate information:
  • Hit Points
  • Character Portrait
  • Character Name
  • Character Size (S, M, L)
  • Description / Movement Specs
  • ATK Value
  • DEF Value
  • SPD Value
  • LOOT Value
Everything is pretty self-explanatory. The game functions by itself, which is why there are movement conditions in the character's description. A monster will always move the furthest it can before it can make an attack. I realize I've forgotten the attack information here...

I've also come up with the game's name: Lunchtime Tabletop Game System!

It's called this because the origin of the system stems from my want to be able to participate in a tabletop adventure, but actually finish something (including setup) within a lunch hour. Since you don't have dozens of tiles to setup, a ton of cards to sort, miniatures to parse through... it should be doable. Now don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with those things! It's just that getting a large-ish game setup and played within an hour is difficult at best. The most basic form of this game should just be the rule book with stories, a deck (or two) of poker cards, a few printed game boards (pieces of paper), and a few paper counters.

Looking forward to finalizing the rules!