Shenland Concept Art

So I’ve been working on my “opus” as of late, laying down the framework and making sure this thing is remotely doable. I feel like I’m actually at a place where I can do the really large project I’ve always wanted to do. What I’m working on is my Animal Crossing, Neopets, Japanese Visual Novel Game, Gashapon Shop, Retro Gamer Challenge, Shenmue game.

There’s no real endgame in Shenland. It’s just an amalgam of all the things I’ve done and enjoy in “casual-core” gaming.

Here is some concept art for what I’m hoping it will look like. I’ve got to do some more visual studies from some of the games I’ve listed and draw some inspiration. I can’t quite decide if I’m going hand drawn or pixel graphics just yet.

Also, the name “Shenland” is still temporary. Maybe.