Shenland - Dev Journal Part 1

Just a couple of Shenland dev journal pages from the dev journal. This first page here has a small branching outline of what I wanted the flow for the game to be. It's changed a little since then, but this was my first attempt at organizing the flow. You'll also see a few examples of what I wanted the customizable character to look like.

I kind of wanted them to look like the old 50s Fisher Price "Little People" toys. You can see in the bottom left I attempted Ryu from Street Fighter to see how it would look in this style.

Here are some illustrations of how I wanted the UI to look like. It mimics the old Japanese visual novel / dating sims where it's mainly a large background, some buttons, and clock with location. I decided to represent the people who are at the current location as tiny profiles you can click on. This would instantiate a dialogue action.