Game Dev - Eco System Card Game

I came up with a new card game on the train the other day. It's a solitaire style game where you're trying to maximize your points. The way it works is that you have a 3x3 grid and a random set of 9 cards. Each card has things that it likes, things that it dislikes, and things that it can give.

When you place a card, you check all the sides around it for adjacent cards and what those cards can give. Then you compare it to the card and what it likes. For every one that matches, you get +1 point. For every dislike that matches you get -1 point. You keep doing this until all 9 cards are placed.

It's an okay solitaire game and a lot of the difficulty in its creation is presenting all of the card information in a quick, simple, and obvious way. Having a list of things the card likes, dislikes, and gives, is not clear enough. You should be able to just look at it the grid and compare it to the card in your hand to have a good idea of where it can/should go.