Game Dev - Eco System Card Game (redo v2)

I've gone through a number of iterations of the "eco system" game and realize that there was just way too much information to be interpreted the player at any given point. The whole idea is that a player should be cognitively taxed by the strategy for an optimal move, not to parse the information I'm throwing at them.

This version basically boils it down where each card has no dislikes and gives what it likes. That's just a fancy way to say that if the edges match, you get a point. This still does have strategy in it as the deck is randomized and every time a card is placed the score is summed again. This means that you do not want to have a score value lower than the previous round (example: the last round you scored 8 points, you don't want to score less than that otherwise you're going backwards).

If I combine this with a decreasing multiplier, then the early game and proper scoring becomes a huge thing.