Game Dev - Triple Click Mechanic

I spent some time last night and was able to nail down the "triple click" mechanic I wanted to boil down from Hot Shots Golf. It actually turned out to be slightly tricker than I thought, specifically trying to get it to just "feel right".

One of the biggest issues was getting the smoothness and fidelity of making it feel like you could make tiny incremental changes in your power swing. Since it's based on the frame refresh, the power bar would tick upwards based on the increment amount... so let's say 0.1. However, 0.1 looks a little choppy so to smooth it out I decreased the increment amount, but increased the frame rate.

Typing about it right now, I think I may move to a tween system to make it look better. Hm.

I also created the ability to create a course. That's the multi-colored bar up top. It generates the launch platform, some random land tiles based on thresholds (example: green will always be between 100-300 units long), and then then the final landing platform.