Steel Fleet Warfare - Rules v1.0

So I've got the first batch of rules and whatnot all ready to go for you to absorb completely into that fine skull of yours. I've played a few games and have gone through a few iterations of the ruleset so far. I got rid of those pesky cards and "chance to hit" rules. It's all fast, all furious and all damage this time around.

After the first few games, I have to say this version is definitely better than all the other versions I've come up with in the past year.

I've also decided to enter this into's 2-Player Print-and-Play 2013 Contest. It was all developed under the right timeframe, so why not? I also threw down 5 Geek Gold to the pot.

Sample Movement

Sample Vehicle Card

Download the Rules (PDF - v1.0): Rules PDF
Download the Asset Pack (ZIP - 1.2mb): ZIP File