Fat Knight - Intro Sequence

Here is the introduction sequence to my upcoming "locked-room-adventure-game". It'll probably take no more than 5 minutes to finish, but I thought it was a funny story to express in game format.

There once was a very fat man in town. He was not very popular.

In fact, it was as if most people didn't like him very much at all. The man automatically believed he was disliked due to his weight. This was, however, completely untrue.

People disliked him because he had always been one of the biggest jerks in the town's history of jerks. Not understanding that people don't like jerks, he decided he would go and defeat the local Evil Wizard to prove that he was a hero and thus deserving of everyone's adoration.

Things went surprisingly smoothly, slaying orcs and goblins and monsters until the proverbial cows came home.

Now the Fat Knight stands before the Evil Wizard's tower and before him is his destiny.

I should likely get this little game out this week.