Hackmaster and the Speed Stat

I'm not very big on playing traditional tabletop roleplaying games. Some of this may be because of life taking priority (new baby boy) or the fact that tabletop roleplaying games often require more than myself to play (not counting Precis Intermedia's Treasure Awaits, which I need to read through). That being said, I wanted to spotlight the Hackmaster system and how they deal with the Speed stat.

Traditionally, having a higher speed means that you are faster. In this rule set, having a lower Speed stat means you are faster. Specifically, the game is carried out in "ticks" and each action you take dictates when you can attack again. So let's say the game is at "tick 8" and you decide to swing your sword. This attack has a speed of 4. This means you will not be able to attack again until the game moves to "tick 12".

What's interesting about this is that the tick system feels like a second-by-second "real time" system (think the ticks in Steve Jackson's Car Wars). While you ready to swing again, players who have actions queued for ticks 9 through 11 will perform their actions, potentially knocking you down and changing everything.

It's this one mechanic that ushered me to purchase their very nice monster manual last year at Gen Con. I plan to adapt this type of system for an upcoming print-and-play game.

The basic rule set is available for free. You should go check it out.

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