New Card Game: Driller (name pending)

I did this piece yesterday during lunch. I was reading Daniel Solis' blog about path games and it got me thinking. I've always wanted to tackle a game like this before so I decided to try my hand at it.

The premise of the game is a group of Drillers who have to make their way through the crust of the Earth to harvest rare gems for massive money. The limiting factor, however, is the Drill that they use. It has a speed and power stat, which can be upgraded, which dictates how fast they move through the dirt and which gems they can collect.

On your turn you can either play a Dirt Card from your hand, move your Driller based on its current speed, or upgrade one of your stats for the associated cost. I'm hoping for an easy to understand game that I can enjoy with the family.

I'll post some more details about it later.