Programming as a Brain Exercise

As time goes on, I realize that my dream of becoming "independent game developer superstar making millions on my laurels" is not exactly the lowest hanging fruit. I have, however, realized that the act of coding and drawing for my own independent titles has been a very rewarding hobby and brain exercise. It has allowed me to think of about existing game mechanics and how to implement them as well as check off items from my bucket list. You know, the bucket list that people say "I should make a game about...".

And I would encourage other folks to do the same. It not only keeps your brain chugging along, it also gives achievable goals as well as allows you to actually create something. One of the most important pieces isn't the eCPM of your ads-driven games, but rather the fact that you have something to show for your efforts. No more of the dozens of "in progress" titles that "you'll get to when you have time". Finish stuff. Feel good.

Here are some of those "games I've always wanted to make". Maybe this will be inspiration for your own brain challenges!
And there are games that I'm still working on and games that I'd like to make. Hopefully you'll be able to try out some of these games as well. Maybe you have some games like these you'd like to share?
  • A Match-3 Game
  • A First Person Shooter