Make365 - New Resolution & Southern Food

This year my only resolution is to make something everyday and to write something about it. So to kick it off, I decided to help Josie with making dinner tonight.

I figured writing about "making dinner" would be a cop out if I simply reheated some frozen meal from Trader Joe's. Fortunately it was a special dinner! Josie had told me about southern new years traditions and we decided to give it a go to kick off the year. She made some delicious crunchy black eyed peas. We also made some cornbread from scratch. We bought some collard greens in a can. I made the steaks, which turned out really well using the oven and cast iron pan method.

I've also been working on a few ideas for board games as well as a craft project, but more about that in the near future.

And for what it's worth, neither of us are from the south. We just really enjoy southern food. It reminds me of this one time a few friends and I went to a southern cooking restaurant in West Oakland. The woman serving us asked for our choice of sides and my friend requested mashed potatoes and hush puppies. She scolded him for not getting any vegetables. "Ain't you gonna get any vegetables?" He changed his potatoes to broccoli.