Make365 - Grid Adventure Locations

Another key piece from the original Grid Adventure that has changed is the use of locations and maps. The game used to live on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper, fitting a 4x4 grid where the units would move. As previously mentioned, the space is very crowded and doesn't really allow for much at all. It literally boils down to a move or two later, everyone is engaged with an enemy, and people just swing their clubs at each other until someone dies. Might as well remove that part completely and give more power to abilities and item usage. Save some space, you know?

Now players and enemies will occupy the same location. They're all somewhere "near" each other. Players can assist other players by attacking enemies engaged with them and vice versa. Each location card also has an objective that needs to be reached until it can be completed. Usually this simply involves pulling an Objective tile from the bag, but can also include defeating a specific kind of enemy or even finding a very specific item. Maybe it's an Intelligence Check into hacking the computer. Anything, really.

Next time I'll talk about the bag where the tiles are stored. You pull them out randomly like in Dungeonquest and it determines what incident occurs at the location.