Make365 - Connected Card Game Idea

I came up with this card game that you could play with a deck of cards that was similar to tic-tac-toe. You essentially were given 3 cards. You then got to perform 1 action during your turn, trying to either get 3 of the same suit in a row or 3 of the same number in a row.

The 3 actions you could choose from were: draw a card from the deck, take a care from the table and put it into your hand, or place a card from your hand onto the table.

Players played with your hands up so you always knew what the other player had. You also had a limit of 5 maximum cards and 3 minimum cards. This meant you couldn't just spend all your turns taking cards off the table or playing cards.

What happened was that since there were no real rules on where you could place the cards on the table. So if you saw that if you played a card at a certain spot would allow the other player to win, you just placed it on the complete opposite side of the board. There was never any real fear of losing.

I think I'll have to try it again where there are rules on where you can play the card, such as it must be within 2 cards of the last card played or something.

This was the original design document I wrote for this game: