Make365 - Fists and Spears Game Concept

I came up with this board game idea when wanting to create a new game similar to chess. When I say chess I mean a board game where it had perfect information: all players know what the other player has.

There are two units in this game: a soldier and a spearman. Soldiers can move one space and spearmen must move two spaces. You defeat another piece by capturing it, removing it from the board and taking its spot (like chess).

Players deploy their units at the start of the game, three soldiers and two spearmen, on the starting line. At the start of every turn they may deploy another one of their reserves to that line. If you run out of total pieces, you lose.

Players take turns moving one piece at a time.

I'm thinking now, as I type this, that the game needs a different win condition. Maybe one of the units is carrying secret information that the other team has to get and return back to its deploy line. Yes. Maybe that's the key. I'll need to try this out.