Make365 - A Very Short Essay About Industrial Design

Every single thing that you see in your day to day life that was manufactured by some factory was originally designed and thought up by a person or a group of people. These people possibly have degrees in designing things and have thus poured some left some of their brain juice for you to appreciate.

Some designs are good. Smart. Effective. Some designs are not so good. Cumbersome. Pointy corners.

It is easy to take for granted the wonders of industrial design and forget that a real living person thought of the thing that we use every day.

Someone created toilet paper. It was widely accepted and we use it today. Someone decided that toilet paper should have a standardized width. It should come on a cardboard tube. It shouldn't be more than a certain diameter and thus holders for toilet paper are also standardized. When you find toilet paper that's just a little too thick, it doesn't roll properly and you get frustrated. People have thought about that. People experience this on a day to day basis.

Industrial design is an incredible thing and we should take the time, pour a forty on the concrete, to pay tribute to all of the people who have made the things that we use. That bottle was also designed by a person who may or may not have been drunk.