Make365 - Grid Adventure Characters Ollie Bear and Miga

Standardized a few templates for the characters for the Grid Adventure game. I'm planning on doing a Kickstarter for this guy. I think it has a very specific appeal since the game will be "made in the USA" (go America!) and it will be handmade. It has that boutique quality to it.

One of the unique things in this game, which I hope makes it fun and not awful, is that the number of attacks your character has determines how many hit points they have. I wanted a system that felt like if you got hurt, it actually caused gameplay disadvantages. So if you have your strongest attack active and you get hurt, that attack is removed and you can no longer use it. It's like you got cut in the arm and this super uppercut doesn't work anymore.

The more attacks you have, the more hit points you have. But each attack has different defense values, meaning while you may have more hit points, you can be very easy to hit and thus have a higher chance of losing hit points.

I'll post a "let's play the game" post in the near future.