Make365 - Tabletop Ship Combat Pieces

I started playing around with this tabletop ship idea (I'm thinking spaceships) where players would assemble a fleet of ships from a pool of shared dice. Each ship would have an engine and some combination of weapons and armor. I'll get into the game rules later, but wanted to highlight the ship building part I did.

Each ship is made from a 2" block of wood and comfortably fits three dice. The parts I sawed off eventually became the sides of the ship to help keep the dice in place. While it looks nice and allows for some cool customization (think flaming hot decals), changing the dice (especially the center one) requires you to remove all the dice and you risk moving your ship's position and all this other jazz. I'll probably rethink that piece a little bit. Maybe just glue down some thinner dowels as guides.

But yes, here are the ship pieces. Time to try out the game to see how it goes. I'll probably print out some paper ships for easy testing first.