Make365 - Automaton Innards #1 Complete

Well, the gears are completed anyway! So it took some time and some wood and some tools, but I finally got the basic cam shaft thing down. What caught me off guard was how limiting you are in movement when the entire box is two cubic inches.

The up and down movement of that thing is only 1/2" or so. I'm pretty sure if I created a crank mechanism inside I could take full advantage of most of the space on the inside. I'll look into that next.

The little guy on top is also just a placeholder. I just wanted to see something bob up and down. What I think I'll actually replace it with is a Luigi drawing and having him stomp a goomba over and over again.

I'll finalize that soon. All in all, this is a project that can actually be mass produced with a pretty small amount of time. That makes me quite pleased. 4 pieces of 2" wood, 3 of which have a 3/16" hole drilled in the center. Have a 1" circular disc as the cam with a 1/8" dowel as the shaft. The moving piece is another 1/8" dowel attached to a board of sorts (in this case a popsicle stick).