Make365 - Wooden Ship Play Test

I had an opportunity to play my wooden ship game with a friend today. It was a good experience in that I learned a few things about the rules that needed tweaking and the game isn't crap. It was decent and I'd want to try it again.

The biggest changes I made and want to test:
- Ships must move their full amount. It helps balance the use of 6's as the engine. If you're always having to move 6", it will be harder for you to close in and take a shot.
- Ships must move in a straight line measured from the tip. If the line is uninterrupted by any ship or obstacle (including the ship that is moving), and it will not end its movement on top of another ship or obstacle, the move is valid.
- If your movement is forced to run into something, you take Grind Damage. This should keep the ships moving around and firing as opposed to clumping into the center of the map, which is what happened.

Can't wait to try again!