Make365 - Non-Scale Model Arcade Cabinet

Now that I have this crafting bug going on, I decided to actually work on something I've been wanting to for the longest time: a model arcade cabinet.

I was inspired to first try my hand at doing a 1/12 scale arcade cabinet, much like the The Idolmaster Arcade Machine (1/12 scale Plastic model) Wave [JAPAN], but realized that it would be a bit too hard due to the number of pieces I would need. Specifically I wouldn't be able to produce more than one or two without feeling the pinch. The reason is that Figmas are 1/12 scale and I have a number of them.

So after declaring defeat on 1/12 scale, I saw my Tsumugi Nendoroid and decided it would be interesting to attempt a model arcade cabinet for this scale figure. After a few diagrams and sketches in my notebook, it looks like I have the sides and back of the cabinet figured out. It also looks like minimal cutting work.

The front, on the other hand, is going to be a huge pain. Ugh.