Make365 - Storybook Engine Revisted

I haven't looked at my storybook engine in a little while, so I decided to poke around at it during lunch. I wanted to make sure that while I setup a standard story that I could run a specific game loop on a specific frame only (this will allow me to make "games" on a specific page). I also wanted to just delete all the original "actor" instances I had in the app and start fresh with some Alice artwork.

It all seemed to work perfectly and I didn't have to code anything extra for these to work.

The steps I took to create this scene were:
1. Created a new frame in the main movieclip I have setup for the book. Call this basically the "book movieclip".
2. Duplicated my "actor_template" movieclip in the library.
3. Replaced the art in the movieclip.
4. Dragged it onto the "actors" layer on the main book movieclip where I created a new frame from step 1.
5. Did this for both Alice and the Mad Hatter
6. Imported the background to the frame beneath the actors

I compiled and ran it and everything was awesome. I didn't even have to name the movieclips anything specific. They're just tagged as _type = "actor" in their code, inherited from the actor template. I'm pleased. Now time to write this silly story and illustrate some pictures. I'd also like to come up with a name for this engine. Hmm...