Make365 - Moto-Saw and the Scale Arcade Cabinet

I got my hobby saw in the mail and I was able to tackle the scale arcade cabinet side panel. By scale I mean "non-scale" and by "non-scale" I mean Good Smile Company Nendoroid scale.

It actually works quite well with this hobby wood. I'm delightfully surprised. The only thing that I don't have is a miter/fence that will allow me to make a cut in a straight line. I'm currently doing it freehand and eyeballing it. Oddly enough, the part listed in the instruction manual is not available on Amazon or any other store I've searched. It's not even listed on the Dremel website.


I'm thinking now how I want to build the screen portion. I had an idea of using a clear plastic and having an LED light inside the cabinet to make it look like it was alive. I also thought about just putting a block of wood there and pasting a static screen. I also thought about putting in a small LCD screen (2" wide) that would flip through pictures. So many possibilities!