Make365 - Dry Erase Game Tokens

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Last year I wrote this tutorial for custom wooden game tokens. While they were a fun little side project, they were somewhat limited in the ability to change them on the go. Specifically once they were printed, there was no changing them. I did some research and came upon some GoWrite! Dry Erase Sheets. These are basically adhesive dry erase sheets of paper. I thought I could apply the same idea of cutting these out and putting them on the wooden game tokens.

Needless to say it worked out quite well. I used my 7/8" circle punch and punched out a bunch of these dry erase pieces and stuck them on the 1" wood tokens I have. There you go, perfect custom game tokens that you can change on the fly. The GoWrite! Dry Erase Sheets erase really well.

It's funny that an idea I had in July of last year finally got made just because I wanted to keep up with my resolution this year.