Make365 - A Very Short Essay About Compulsive Game Buying

When we were growing up, and by "we" I mean game enthusiasts, we were very much time-rich and money-poor. That's probably why we would play the same game over and over again, even if it wasn't very good. We just didn't have a lot of options at our disposal. That's why the choice you made for the handful of games you got a year (birthday, Christmas, maybe if relatives were visiting) had to be good ones. If they weren't then the sting of "bad research" really stung. It's this very specific childhood situation that has made it so easy for us to be compulsive game buyers, accruing stacks upon stacks of unopened-I'll-eventually-play-it games.

Nowadays most of us are working and are more so time-poor and money-rich relative to when we were 8. We also understand the value of a dollar (we are working for these dollars now after all). This makes for a terrible combination when something like a Steam sale comes up or game deals during Black Friday. We have this fixation to not only get the biggest bang for our hard earned buck, but it's coupled with the idea that we aren't limited to just three games a year. We can buy as many as we want.

What happens then is we get these impulses to continue to grow our game libraries because we can. And you justify it by saying "it was on sale". Then when we never get to it we say "I'll get to it when I have time", which we rarely do.

Mind you that I'm not pinpointing this to actually being a problem. I'm just pinpointing why we do this. If you are not putting your livelihood or your family's into jeopardy, then more power to you. Build up that library. Make yourself happy. Show me pictures and turn me green with Hulk-like envy. I've done away with most of the my physical video game collection and there are days that I miss it, but most of the time I don't remember it being gone.

I guess that's part of growing crotchety. I mean older. Growing older.