Game Development - Tile-Based Puzzle Thing.

I've had the opportunity to work on a new game idea that I'm hoping to submit into the indie space sometime next year. It originally started out as a single player board game that I had pitched to Game Wright to no avail. I decided to take the concept and make it into a digital game experience.

The idea is that you have a set amount of food and you have to traverse a pre-set dungeon to achieve some kind of goal. Maybe you have to get the treasure or maybe you have to press all of the red switches. I've been playing a lot of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker lately, so I've been inspired by levels restricted by size and scope of the player's abilities. In this game you basically walk around, carefully maneuvering around traps and enemies. It also takes on the gameplay mechanic of turn-based movement so you have plenty of time to think out your plan of action. That's all you got though: walking around and your brain.

What I'm hoping to add some flavor into this game is the collection aspect, the town, and the "infinite dungeon" part of the game. This is basically the metagame piece that hopefully keeps a player playing after they've completed all of the main levels. You're granted extra abilities, such as using a shovel, that earn you money that let you buy items to craft more tools to enable more abilities. It also allows you to procure collectables for your home, costumes, hats, etc.

What's happening now is that I'm getting to the part of the game development where it becomes actual content creation work. No more systems. Actual levels, towns, gameplay decisions, and whatnot have to be created.

I'm hoping to have at least the town constructed soon so I can figure out how the dialogue system will work.