Game Development - New Tile: Food and More

I added a new tile that will be pertinent to the puzzles in this game and that's the food tile. There's currently only one food tile and it gives you +5 food, but I want to make it in different quantities (small, medium, heaping bounty). Food is basically your turn limit for the level. This will allow me to craft levels that have solutions as well as optimal solutions for "3 stars".

You can also see a lava tile that kills you when you enter and an exit tile. The exit tile currently warps you straight back to town.

I also started messing around with the graphics a little bit. I'm having a hard time conveying the feel of the game. At first I wanted to present it as ink drawings in an old book, but also wanted to represent the player as a game piece on a game board (like a chess piece). Maybe I need some advice from Dom2D. He seems to always know what's up.