Make365 - Wooden Ship Play Test #2

I got to enlist the help of my friend to go through another play test of my wooden ship game (now called Kinofune).

One thing that sticks out is the beginning rolling mechanic to determine the ships' strengths is a favorite. Glad it's working out and keeps it interesting.

The biggest issue we saw in the game was that ships were too hard to hit. Even if you were 2" away from another ship, you'd still need to roll out a 14 from 3d6 if both ships had level 6 engines. That's ridiculous.

What I'm thinking about trying now is rolling 3d6 against the distance + your own engine. It makes sense that your own ship's speed can mess up your accuracy. Once a hit is successful, then you test to see if the shots you fired (number of bullets) actually hit the other ship. It's like saying the volley was on target, now to see if the actual bullets make contact. That's when you roll 1d6 for each bullet and compare it to the other player's engine.

We'll see how that works.