Make365 - Interactive Comic Engine

So I was sitting in my car and thinking about other silly game engines that I'd like to make. I came up with one that's a mix of single-screen point-and-click and comic strips. The idea would be you're presented with a panel in a comic strip, let's say 1 of 4 to a page. Inside that panel is a scene, like a bad guy is taunting you. If you click on him, the next panel appears where he dodges the bullet. The panel goes away signifying that it was the wrong thing to click on. You examine the panel again and notice a lightbulb above his head. You click on that. The next panel appears and shows you shooting the lightbulb. The panel stays. It was the correct choice. Now you click on that panel and the next panel appears, progressing the story.

It would be a new way to experience a story. It's like an interactive comic book, but of the passive kind (no Comix Zone here, folks).

I've been working on the code. It seems to be working. I'll have something to show in a little bit. I'm sure you'll see Mr. Goh in something soon enough.