Make365 - Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Character App

I wanted to play Pathfinder Adventure Game with a buddy over Google Hangouts, but didn't know of a good way to do it. I proposed that someone host the game (location decks) and everyone else playing would just have their player decks. So the person hosting is the DM, flipping cards, showing them, etc.

I decided that it would also be nice to have a digital version of the deck in case you were playing in the office and didn't have your cards.

I play as Amiri usually, so I tailored most of the functions to fit her skill set. The only immediate function I need to add is the "Recharge from Discard" button for the healing potion. The current build does, however, allow you to do the basics of discarding, recharging, adding cards to your hand and whatnot. The only manual thing that you need to do is when a new card comes into your possession, let's say from a location, you enter the details manually and click the add button. This creates a new card with a default background to use.

This is a completely free and fan creation for the love of the game.