Make365 - Dexterity Based Battle Game

I started cooking up an idea of a board game that was dexterity based. While there's always a time and place for a turn-based strategic tabletop wargame, there's also a time for games based on physical skill. I grabbed some inspiration from crokinole and the idea of a game where you attack and defend like swordplay.

The game basically plays as one person flicking a disk (their attack) at the other player. The other player then deflects that with a disk of their own. This goes back and forth until both players no longer have disks to use. There are regions where if the disk falls, you will lose the disk completely. This means players who just flick as hard as they can can expect to not have a disk to use, versus a calculated deflection will allow you to take the disk back into your possession.

I'll have more details in the future, pals.