Make365 - Arcade Cabinet Model Prototype #2

So after my first failed attempt at making a standup arcade cabinet with the hobby pieces I had, I went back to the drawing board. I remember reading this article (I can't remember where anymore) that highlighted old cafes that would have a sea of sit-down cocktail arcade cabinets. I thought there was something very cute about the idea that the glass surface could double as a table for your cup of coffee.

Then I thought to myself, "why don't I design my own arcade cabinet design?" I don't have to go with what is the prototypical arcade cabinet. I can make it look any way I want.

I decided then to take a mix of the cocktail cabinet design and combine it with the sit down games you would play at the midway of a Circus Circus casino (another very fond memory I had of my childhood).

So that's my current path and I have to say that I think it looks great. It fits really well with the 1/12 scale Figma and Revoltech figures that I have. Now to design and work on the stickers/artwork that will go on the sides of the wood pieces.