Make365 - Timeline Fighting Card Game

I worked on a timeline fighting game that uses a similar timeline mechanic from the Hackmaster game system. Essentially what happens is every move has a "wind-up" amount, which places your player token further along the timeline. For example: you are on time marker 3. The "jab" has a wind-up of 2. This means when the time marker reaches 5, the "jab" will execute and you will evaluate the card.

So players have a deck of fighting cards, which is basically their health, and the draw 5 cards at the start of their turn. Whenever their turn ends (after placing a card), they will draw up to or discard down to their hand size, which is 5. If you cannot draw a card, you lose.

Players place their cards face down to lock in their move. Since the opponent can't see what move is coming up, only the time it will take to execute, they have to play their own cards based on assumptions. Maybe the majority of "jab" attacks have a wind-up of 2, so a player seeing the other player move their marker 2 spaces can assume it's a "jab". But it's also possible it's a "counter" or a "feint" card, meaning playing a "block" card for the "jab" is a waste.

I'll work on some mock cards and force one of my friends to play.