Godzilla - Smash3 Tips on How To Beat Level 9 & 17 (Timed Levels)

You can beat these levels without boosts. It's possible. I will admit Level 17 can be quite hard, especially trying to get 3 stars, but it's doable. You just have to play fast and play differently than the way you were.

• Make sure Godzilla is upgraded as much as possible
• Since there are no move limits, you should take advantage of making as matches as possible
• You are able to make matches while Godzilla is walking, which is a great time to heal or build up Atomic Breath
• Waiting to blow up long chains against the enemy is not always the best tactic. Your best friend on these levels are Blast Tiles.
• While Godzilla is walking, destroying large chains to get a lot of Blast Tiles to use against enemies is a good strategy.
• Make sure you are targeting the right enemy as well, since losing based on Health is also something that happens when frantically matching

Good luck!