Springfield Doll Clothes and Dollfie Dream

I was at a craft store the other day and noticed that there was a line of doll clothes called Springfield and they fit 18" dolls. I figured that a Dollfie Dream is 1/3 scale (around 23 inches) so that the clothes would probably fit. They're also reasonably priced (under $10), so it wouldn't be too crazy of an investment.

Turns out the 18" dolls have a torso length that's quite similar, so the shirt fits quite well. The legs on the Dollfie Dream, however, are significantly longer. It turned the knee-high pants to shorts. They did, however, fit and the people around the world rejoiced.

Springfield also makes shoes. Dollfie Dream feet are about 7 cm. long. I was able to take these sneakers, which admittedly are not as cool as some of the Dollfie Dream specific shoes I've seen, and slip them on just fine.

For under $15 total, I was able to give Rally a full new outfit. Very pleased! I may have to pick up some other clothes in the near future, as long as I'm okay with all the new pants being shorts.

Link: Springfield Clothes on Amazon.com