Professor Layton - Instant Insanity Blocks

I had an opportunity last night to print out and adhere the faces onto my Professor Layton themed Instant Insanity puzzle game cubes. I think they're a nice fan-made addition to my small Professor Layton collection. Funnily enough, I really didn't care for the 3DS incarnations with their panning and zooming environments.

The premise of the puzzle is that each cube has a mix of one of four icons on each face. Your goal is to stack these four cubes vertically so that each face that is showing a different face (four faces showing per cube as you can't see the top or bottom face). As I mentioned in yesterday's post, it's much like Sudoku where each line has to have something different.

Apparently this is all based on the Polya Enumeration Theorem. I haven't had to time to actually read this article, but it explains how one create their own with different patterns on the cubes.

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