DIY - Dry-Erase Playing Cards

Someone who purchased some of my dry-erase wooden game tokens asked if I made playing cards in the same way. I said I didn't, but thought it would be a cool experiment to try. Pretty neat, I guess!

You can make these yourself actually. I'm using the same concept from my original Dry-Erase Game Tokens post.

1. Procure yourself some dry erase sheets (I use GoWrite! Dry Erase Sheets) and some playing cards. I happened to have some blank Bicycle playing cards, so I used those. Any work though.

2. Cut out a rectangle from the dry-erase sheets that are smaller than the playing card. I used a rounded corner paper punch to make them look nicer. Not necessary, but a nice bonus.

That's pretty much it!

Purhase: Wandering Panda Store